Grassroots based and locally led

We work with vulnerable households in urban slums areas. Our staff live with communities at grassroots level, learning from them and working alongside them while pursuing the goal of promoting their wellbeing.

Partnering with the local Church for Change

We work with and through the local Church to provide local presence, accountability, credibility and infrastructure. Urban Impact partners with local Churches to be agents of transformation in their communities.

Sustainable solutions to poverty

To break the cycle of poverty and dependency, urban impact operates on the principle of helping communities to help themselves. We believe everyone has a potential to lift themselves out of poverty to self-reliance.

Promoting self-reliance and reducing dependency on handouts

By providing use of locally available resources which leads to mind-set transformation.

We focus on communitys

We focus on a community’s strengths rather than its problems, and mobilize their talents, skills and assets to create sustainable solutions.

We build on existing structures

We build on existing structures and engage with the local communities and stakeholders to reduce duplication, allows for cost savings and ensures continued structural and community support for beneficiaries after the Urban Impact Kenya withdraws.