About Us.

Our Inspiration

We draw our motivation from Jesus Christ’s call to Love and Serve the poor. We exist to faithfully express the life and mission of Jesus Christ; bringing hope, healing and transformation in the local community. We trust that God has called us to; proclaim Christ, transform lives, reach and build communities spiritually, physically, socially and economically. We are dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty and dependency within poor communities by helping people acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to be self-reliant.

Who we are

Urban Impact Kenya is a Christian community development charity that is rooted in the aspirations of the Urban Poor communities in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. We are dedicated to working with the urban poor families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We work in the slums (Informal settlements) of Nairobi by equipping the local Church to walk alongside people who are poor, breaking the spiritual, social, and material bonds of poverty. As a result, churches model Jesus’ heart for the poor in practical ways, showing His care and power over every part of life and bringing lasting transformation.

Our Mission

To break the cycle of poverty in all its forms by empowering the urban poor to transform their lives, and their communities.

Our Vision

We envision an empowered community, where everyone is engaged, thriving, flourishing and holistically transformed.